Campfire by the Lake – crackling fire sounds | Bonfire & Crickets, Owl sounds 8 hours


I came camping in the lake. Find a cozy place, set up a tent, make a campfire, and sit down and enjoy the night view of the lake. The moonlight on the lake makes this place cozy. The sound of crickets, grass bugs, and owls around the lake while looking at the bonfire and the lake makes this place cozy. Natural white noise will make your body and mind comfortable so that you can sleep better, concentrate, and study better.
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The videos on my channel are made so that you can feel comfortable, happy and remind you of good memories. When I first make a video, I first think about the design, the atmosphere, and the place in the video, then I make the shapes one by one.
Sometimes the fireplace is made first, then rain on the windows, then the scenery outside the window is created, each creation is built step by step.
Sometimes it takes three days or sometimes even a week.
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Are you comfortable? Are you reminded of any good memories?
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Sincerely, The Relaxing Town

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