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Hello! I would like to invite you to check out my channel. All videos on my channel are made by me. I collect firewood myself, kindle a fireplace, shoot video, record sound on my camera microphone and edit it myself. I really like this whole thing and I do it with pleasure. I like to watch and enjoy it. I think you will also enjoy watching the fire in the warm glow, crackling sounds of a campfire or fireplace in 4K resolution. It’s perfect for those cozy nights or when you just need to unwind.

It seems to me that watching a burning fire, campfire or fireplace and listening to the sound of crackling wood will bring you relaxation, improve your mood, reduce stress, stimulate and inspire creativity and improve sleep and help you escape from everyday routines. So, take the time to enjoy the beauty and benefits of a burning fire, bonfire, or fireplace. A burning fire, a burning fireplace or a bonfire, the sounds of a burning crackle of firewood are embedded in a person for millions of years, it is in our subconscious and therefore has a beneficial effect on people.
These videos are made by me with great love for people!
My name is Kubanychbek Esenbaev
If you want to contact me here is my information:
tel +996700010181

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Fireplace 4K
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Hearth Christmas Fire,
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ASMR – 장작타는소리, 모닥불 8시간 연속재생
공부할 때 듣는 장작 타는 소리
ASMR – 모닥불, 장작타는소리, 풀벌레소리 :: 불면증 해소 :: 3시간 연

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