The sound of open-air barracks, bonfires, locusts. ASMR.


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Is it hard to fall asleep at night? Listen to the sound of the rain that calms your mind and body. The sound of the rain will help you fall asleep comfortably. It is ASMR and it creates natural sounds such as rain and thunder. The sound of nature deepens you and it creates a powerful ASMR effect that leads to a peaceful sleep.
The sound of the rain is one of the most effective ways to relax and relieve stress. If you are tired and tired, this video helps you take a rest and sleep deeply.

The sound of rain for a good night’s sleep.

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Sleep Deep with Sound. These are for insomnia and sleep disorders
It’s a relaxing sound. If you have insomnia or a sleep disorder,
This comfortable rain sound video can help.

Video & Sound: Pixabay

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